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  • To bring together the packaged water manufacturer and supplier organizations, to ensure collaboration between these organizations, to protect the rights and interests of member organizations.
  • To work towards conservation of underground and overland water resources in accordance with the scientific facts and protecting the rights and interests of next generations, to effectively contribute to the works carried out.
  • To carry out activities for the solution of sectoral problems.
  • To produce views and policies on behalf of the sector about the legal arrangements on issues that concern sector made by various government bodies and convey these views and policies to relevant bodies.
  • To lead the manufacturer and supplier organizations operating in sector to improve their healthy production in accordance with legal regulations in force, to ensure these organizations operate respecting consumer health and rights and correspondent with rules on competition.
  • To pioneer the education and awareness raising activities regarding healthy water consumption in our society.
  • To lead the manufacturer and supplier organizations operating in sector carry out environmentally-friendly activities and take measures protecting environment.
  • To cooperate and to make joint efforts with scientific institutions on the various issues that concern sector and Packaged Water consumers.
  • To work with other associations and non governmental organizations in line with industry and consumer interests.