Ana Sayfa


In Turkey, as in the world, rural-urban migration causes fast and unplanned urbanization and various environmental problems as a result of rapid industrialization. With the addition of global warming factors becoming more prominent in recent years to these negative developments serious problems and inadequacy in healthy and safe water supply were emerged.

In addition to these negative conditions, between 1993 and 1994 levels of the dams in Marmara Region declined to insufficient levels and because of this healthy water supply could not be made in and around Istanbul for months.

This situation caused a significant demand for healthy and safety drinking water and since 1994 the number of Packaged Water Manufacturers began to increase rapidly to meet the need.

In this rapidly growing demand the fast increase in the number of organizations experienced in the sector has brought some sectoral problems. As for the solution of these problems the first sectoral non governmental organization GEDSUDER (Recycling Packaged Natural Spring Water Manufacturers Association) was founded in 1998 and KASUDER (Spring Water Manufacturers Association) was founded in 1999 as the second non governmental organization.

In 2000, GEDSUDER and KASUDER merged under the name of SUDER (Packaged Water Manufacturers Association) with the joint decision of these two associations.